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WHAT I DO ~ History, Fiction, Short-stories, Blogs, Articles

WHO I AM ~ I am a fifty-something former EC schoolteacher. Originally from northern Alabama, I have lived in the Triangle area of North Carolina for thirty plus years. A life-long history buff, we make a habit of taking the family to historic sites anytime we go out of town. For several years I was a mostly volunteer historical interpreter at Bennett Plate State Historic Site in Durham. Now I work at Measurement, Inc. and write in my off hours and weeks. I enjoy working in the garden at home, and relaxing with my wife and children.

WHAT THIS IS ~ This site is for random discussion of politics, history and other subjects, and shameless promotion of my books.

Goodreads Reviews:
Goodreads Friend Review by Dianne Budd

This book contains a novella and two short short stories. i was totally engaged in the novella; a wonderful story, unusual, & deeply satisfying. i sort of fell in love with the 87 year old protagonist and the path fell together naturally and with relish. i would love to read longer pieces by this author. The first short story also had a crush-worthy senior. This 96 year old mines the important stuff out of the wee bit of time we have on this side (of the veil of tears- my corny, overworked euphemism, not the author's!). Our OG mines the good bits, and gives them away. Unfortunately the third story, in addition to having the only typos i found in the book, also was the low point. The premise was fun and familiar: the frustration of remembering some story you loved as a child, but not remembering the writer or the title, (mine was "Racketty Packetty House"). Sadly, this story seems to head off in an unclear direction and i was left feeling like i had been excluded from a big private joke. Overall, the vast majority of the pages in this small volume are absolutely delicious and highly recommendable. i will look for other books by T. Walker - another delightful writer that i probably wouldn't have found without the Give-Aways!

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